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A wellness focused advent experience.
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The Advent of Wellness
Photo Challenge start December 1st!
This is an advent experience focused on wellness through the holiday season. Tune in daily for activities to support physical, mental, emotional and social wellness as well as some Canadian trivia to bring up in conversations with friends, family and colleagues.

Click on each day's image to see a larger version.
Follow along with this photo challenge, one picture for each day. If you post your challenge photos on social media use hashtag #theadventofwellness to share the good vibes.
Day 1
Trivia answer: St. Johns, NFLD
Day 2
Trivia answer: Victoria, BC
Day 3
Trivia answer: Edmonton, AB
Day 4
Trivia answer: Yellowknife, NWT
Day 5
Day 6
Trivia answer: Toronto, ON
Trivia answer: Québec City, QC [Kebek]
Day 7
Day 8
Trivia answer: Hamilton, ON in 1964.

Activity explanation: Pick a letter then try to come up with a 2, then 3, then 4, etc. letter word that starts with that letter. 
Trivia answer: False. 
Day 10
Day 9
Trivia answer: New Brunswick
Trivia answer: Ottawa, ON (The Rideau Canal)
Day 12
Day 11
Trivia answer: Quebec City, QC
Trivia answer: 3 [The Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic]
Day 14
Day 13
Trivia answer: The Toronto Islands
Trivia answer: Robert Borden
Day 16
Day 15
Trivia answer: Hockey and Lacrosse
Trivia answer: Vancouver and Toronto
Day 18
Day 17
Trivia answer: Mars. In 1947 a temperature of -63C was recorded in Snag, Yukon.
Trivia answer: 1980; a hundred years after it was written.
Day 20
Day 19
Trivia answer: Nunavut

Bonus answer: Alert, Nunavut 
Trivia answer: Quebec City - The store is called J.A. Milan Epicier
Day 22
Day 21
Trivia answer: Beachville, ON
Trivia answer: Whitehorse, YK
Day 24
Day 23
Trivia answer: The discovery of insulin.
Trivia answer: Curling
Day 25
Trivia answer: Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, the stop animation classic.